This is a simplified guideline on the rules of Geekalize. A more detailed Terms of Service can be found under Terms of Service.

When you see the term "News Feed", it means anything that you personally would share directly to your timeline either as Public or Friends.

No Political Statuses or Activism of any kind on News Feeds

There are plenty other social networks out there for that experience. Here, we want you to just socialize and geek out about whatever it is that makes you happy in your life. This is not about censorship, only a choice. You are not required to sign up here, but if you do, you must keep all statuses politics free.

There are some exceptions, and they are as follows:
  • Private Groups
  • Comments on News Feeds within reason and relative to the topic/status
  • Private Message

No Pornographic Content/Media on News Feeds

This especially includes illegal material such as child pornography.

Posting anything illegal in the United States will result in deletion for the first offense, then a suspension for the second offense and a permanent ban for the third offense.

The exception to sharing adult-themed content is if it is shared in a Private Group. You must put in the title of the group 18+ or "Adult Themed" or "Mature Audiences" in order to post legal, but adult-themed content. Group Admin's will be responsible for ensuring its members are 18+.

More Guidelines/Rules will follow soon.